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Community Needs Assessment

Every few years Community Action performs a Community Needs Assessment (CNA) - the CNA helps CAVC understand what the unique needs of our communities are, and how we may best meet those needs, or share that data with our partner agencies so they can step in.

We want to hear from YOU, our community, about how the current CAVC facilities/programs/services are working for you, what can be improved for the future, and what unmet needs we may be able to help within the Ventura County Community.

CAVC most recently conducted a Community Needs Assessment in 2021. A two-week community input period was designed to obtain results from households throughout Ventura County that would:

  • 1 Illuminate the unmet needs of Ventura County residents
  • 2 Identify available community assets
  • 3 Engage the community in identifying solutions to address unmet needs

Download our 2021 Community needs Assessment Findings below:

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